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Medieval Unit Project

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These pages contain information on the necessary tools you will need to complete your project.  The documents used in class to explain the Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, and Prezi tools are located in the tools section and labeled as a Word document or PDF.

Included also, is the rubric on which you will be graded.



The Project:

Using what you have learned through research on your specified topic, you will be creating a unique project using either Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, or Prezi.  What you create can be any number of things, a podcast, short film, radio show, movie trailer, song, music video, radio drama, biography, mock interview, news report, or even a presentation.  However your project must be approved by your teacher.


The Rubric:

The following rubric describes the expectations of the final product and papers submitted, you may also download it as a Word Document.

Download Rubric



Possible Points

Earned Assessment



Content - Research and Production Planning

Product shows evidence of effective research and understanding of concepts relevant to the task.




Reflects accurate, specific, purposeful information that is extended and expanded to fully explain the topic.




Supporting details are used to help explain the concepts.




Well-organized with a clear beginning, middle, and end.




The vocabulary is appropriate to both the content and the audience.  Language choices are appropriate.




An outline/storyboard is submitted and complete with notes.




Sources are cited properly.




Form - Technical Design

End product is visually appealing.




Images are clear and appropriate.




Sound level (for Windows Movie Maker and Audacity products) is adequate.  Voices and dialogue are clear.




Titles and graphics are clear, readable, well composed, and creatively employed.




Product progresses at a suitable pace.  Length of the product conforms to allotted time.




Overall Impact

All components fit together to provide an appealing, clear, and successful product, which achieves its overall purpose.








Based on Baltimore County Public School’s Video Production and Web 2.0 Products Rubrics.

May be used for educational, non-profit school use only. All other uses, transmissions, and duplications are prohibited unless permission is granted expressly.








image from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Final Product: Podcast (radio show, interview, radio drama, song)



Audacity Tutorial (Word Document)

Make Your First Podcast



Windows Movie Maker

Final Product: Movie, interview, news show, documentary



Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (PDF)

If you can access YouTube here is a video tutorial on WMM


image from http://prezi.com

Final Product: Presentation



How to Use Prezi (PDF)

Prezi in 3 minutes (video tutorial)


Link to the Lesson Plan for this project

Downloadable Lesson Plan for this project



Lesson 1 | Lesson 2Lesson 3

Unless otherwise stated images are from Microsoft Word Clipart

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