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Medieval Lesson 2

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Timothy Jones

Instructional Unit – ISTC 601

World Cultures - Medieval Europe – Grade 7 Social Studies

Lesson 2: Steps 2 and 3 of the Big6



Instructional Context:

Students in grade 7 social studies world cultures class investigate various aspects of life in Medieval Europe to draw conclusions and understand historical context and the role of Europe in the evolution of our modern society. 

Uses the Big 6 Research Model


Outcomes and Objectives:

BCPS curriculum content standards: 

Examine European society during the Middle Ages in order to analyze how groups and institutions sustain and influence culture. (MLO's 1.4, 1.9, 2.14, 6.1)


BCPS Library Media Indicators:

  • Use reference skills in order to locate information in a variety of sources (LG-3) 
  • Use research skills in order to evaluate, select, record, and reorganize information (LG-3) 
  • Use critical thinking skills in order to solve research problems (LG-3) 


AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner:

1.1.1 Follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects, and make the real-world connection for using this process in own life.

1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.

1.1.5 Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context. 

1.1.6 Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format (e.g., textual, visual, media, digital) in order to make inferences and gather meaning.


2.1.4 Use technology and other information tools to analyze and organize information. 

2.1.5 Collaborate with others to exchange ideas, develop new understandings, make decisions, and solve problems.

2.1.6 Use the writing process, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create products that express new understandings.

3.1.2 Participate and collaborate as members of a social and intellectual network of learners.

3.1.4 Use technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess.



Students will need enough computers with internet access for each one to have access while completing step 2 and step 3 of the Big6.  The computer lab or media center computers will need a subscription to the online database World Book Online. Access to the websites (streaming video):



For background and information purposes.

Students will need a packet containing the steps of the Big6 and Step 2 and Step 3 and some graphic organizers.



  • Review the steps of the Big6 via website or PowerPoint.
  • Highlight the Big6 research process and the steps students will complete: Steps 2 and 3
  • Students are separated into groups of three or four and each group is assigned a sub topic (family life, health and hygiene, crime and punishment, jobs and trades, royalty and the feudal system, science/technology/arts). 
  • State the essential question: How did a particular group or institution influence society during the Middle Ages? Explain to students that each group will have to create a more detailed set of questions to focus their research that are specific to their sub topic.
  • Students will fill in a simple organizer for step 2 of the Big6:


Step 2:  Information Seeking Strategies

Think about possible sources of information and choose the best sources.

List 3 sources you could use:   1. World Book Online______________

                                                  2. ________________________________

                                                  3. ________________________________

                                                  4. ________________________________


  • Students will complete Step 3 of the Big6:


Step 3:  Location and access

Locate the best resources.  Use the search boxes and/or text features within the resources to help locate specific information about your topic.


  • Students will login to World Book Online and type their respective subjects into the search box. 
  • Supply graphic organizers to use during the various steps of the research process: note-taking, citing sources.  
  • Students complete Step 2 and Step 3 of the Big6: students in groups will use their graphic organizers to complete Step 3 of the Big6. 
  • Exit Ticket: 


Name________________________________   Date______________  Class __________________

Write the first three steps of the Big6

1.                                                  2.                                               3.  


What did you like about the online database? (Write in complete sentences)


What did you not like about the online database? (Write in complete sentences)  






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