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Dabbleboard Resources


Patt Angell, Jen Miller, Laura Stemler, and Kelly Ulrich


http://www.classroom20.com/profiles/blogs/649749:BlogPost:195708 This is a Classroom 2.0 blog with a video on Dabbleboard.


http://dabbleboard.com/ The is the site for the program Dabbleboard.  If you want to use the program it can be accessed threw this link.


http://www.drezac.com/2010/05/dabbleboard-too-easy.html The Adventures in Ed Tech site discusses the use of Dabbleboard by students.  They state that they wanted to use this program because it was easy to use.



Adventures in Ed Tech shares a lesson on bullying using Dabbleboard.



The Geek dad site shares a teachers first online math experience with Dabbleboard.


The is the International Society for Technology in Education for students site.  It describes the standards for students. 



Kirsten Winkler discusses ten reasons to use Dabbleboard at this site.



Stack Over Flow is a professional site for programmers.  They used Dabbleboard to demonstrate passing data in an ntier application.



This site is a teacher recommendation of Dabbleboard and it's capabilities.  She states why teachers should use the program and the benefits of it.


On the Teachers love Smartboards they state that Dabbleboard is an electronic whiteboard for your computer. It allows you to easily add shapes, text, images and other objects to a blank work area similar to Notebook.









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