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Conceptual Map

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Conceptual Map Reflection



            In P-12 the library media specialist has to take on many roles; those four main roles are teacher, information specialist, program administrator, and instructional partner.  When considering how to depict this in the conceptual map I remembered what one of my instructors in the graduate program told me, that the media specialist has to wear multiple hats.  I thought that was a great way to depict the different roles of the media specialist, however another thought came to mind as I was creating the concept map.


            The image of a tree kept popping up in the images I was paging through and in my mind, that I needed to incorporate this image somehow and I realized how and why.  A tree has many branches, it is always growing and changing, and I feel this accurately depicts the media specialist.  One of the first things I learned in the program is that the role of the media specialist has evolved and changed over time.  The media specialist, from my experience, had been seen as information specialist and program administrator, not so much as a teacher or instructional partner.  I feel that belief may still be held by some teachers, students, and administrators even though it is obvious to me that the media specialist has a larger role to play.


            My conceptual map links a number of duties under the roles together as I found during the program and my practicum that the media specialist may take on multiple roles at once.  I found myself many times teaching how to use a certain technology then have to turn around and help them find a resource either print or non-print.  In keeping with the tree metaphor, I found that I must continually grow as an educator and keep up with the new technologies, tools, and resources.  I determined this when I attended the professional development at Pulaski and realized how quickly things had been updated.


            I met multiple AASL Standards every day of my practicum as I branched out from the different roles of the SLMS.  I feel I have met every standard during my practicum and will continue to refer to my experiences and artifacts acquired to help and improve my future media center.




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