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Summative Reflection

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Summative Reflection


            Before I began locating assignments to meet the AASL standards, I wondered if my signature assignments, would meet all of these standards.  As I looked through the signature assignments, I began to realize with some surprise that all of my assignments could fall under a standard, and most of them could fall under at least two or more.  I should not have been surprised, this program has greatly prepared me for becoming a media specialist, as I began to understand through my work in the practicum placements.


            As I looked through the non-key assignments I completed for each class I realized how they built up to the final assignment and met a standard or two.  I saw how many past class assignments related to assignments in other classes and helped me many times complete those assignments.  In ISTC 615, for example, I completed a selection policy review.  This policy helped me compete assignments that required knowledge of library procedure, and was referenced in my ethical policy assignment for ISTC 601.


            I have utilized the key assignments and other assignments in my lessons and work during my practicum, which helped me greatly and showed me how the assignments worked in real world experiences.  By writing my reflections I came to understand how much they helped me in my experiences and how they can help me further.  I will use these assignments and my reflections to judge my future work in my media center and make sure I am always meeting these standards.



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