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Standard 4-2 Reflection

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Standard 4.2 Managing program resources: Human, financial, physical
Candidates develop and evaluate policies and procedures that support the mission of the school and address specific needs of the library media program, such as collection development and maintenance, challenged materials and acceptable use policies.  Candidates apply accepted management principles and practices that relate to personnel, financial and operational issues.  Candidates plan adequate space for individuals, small groups and whole classes.




            For ISTC 601 I completed a mock budget, at the time I was a long-term sub for the library at Hereford Middle and used their library budget as a guide.  The budget is itemized with reasons for the procurement of the items.  A budget for the following summer/fall is also included and I determined what items to buy for the summer/fall during my time as the substitute librarian and talking with the assistant there.  Alternative monetary resources are also included, including a grant proposal I wrote to go along with the budget.  The grant focused on providing money to support a program for the 8th grade students.  The program takes place in the spring and focuses on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  The grant asks for money to pay for guest speakers, transportation, equipment, fees for parks/tours, as well as books, journals, and subscriptions to any databases, which can help in educating students about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

            During my practicum, my mentors showed me how they handled a budget, both kept a written budget using budget documents provided by the county.  I liked the layout of the paper documents and feel I would use that as opposed to something digital.  Both budgets shown to be were also far more extensive than the budget from the Hereford Middle library.  My secondary mentor actually had to keep about three different records for the library budget due to who was providing the money (county, school, etc.) and where it was being spent.  One of the three I know contained information on all the money spent and received by the library regardless of where it came from or where it was going.

            The facility I designed with my group for ISTC 601 contains space used for different types of instruction.  An individual area is set up on one side of the library for studying, adjacent to that is a reading area with cushioned chairs and a few tables for reading or study.  Adjacent to that area and located next to the circulation desk and library office, are two rooms for studying or conference.  The area is meant for conferences, students needing a distraction free environment, or students working in groups that may be distracting for other students.  Two instructional areas exist on the opposite side of the library, bookshelves act as a boundary between the instructional area and study area to lessen distractions.  Another way we determined to keep the areas less distractible is adding pocket walls, allowing one of the instructional and computer areas to become its own room.  The two instructional areas are next to each other creating a larger space when together, perfect if multiple classes are working together or for faculty meetings.  The bookshelves dividing the library have wheels making them easy to move if the study area may be better suited by the instructional areas, or if an extra study area may be needed in the future.  Also included are relocation plans describing how the move will go, personnel to utilize, and how to train the personnel.  Doing any sort of moving of the collection will require volunteers to help either in the move or help with circulation, while the library helps with the move.

            In my elementary placement, I realized how important it was to have another person help during lessons.  The classes in elementary consist of a lesson the first half of the period, and then book exchange the second half.  During the book exchange it is necessary for someone to man the circulation desk, however it is also necessary for someone to help the students as they select books.  It is very difficult to do both at once so having parent volunteers is essential. 

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