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A Pathfinder for 8th Grade Science




After studying general chemical and physical properties of elements on the periodic table, students will use a variety of resources to research the properties and other information of an assigned element in order to create a cube illustrating this information.



Students will research a preassigned element using the resources listed in this Pathfinder, take notes on the element in their own words, document at least three sources used, and present their research on the sides of a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cube. 



Guidelines for the Element Project




The cube should contain the following information:



Title Page – Element:  Name          Symbol            Group/Family         Period   


Physical Properties

Atomic number 

Atomic weight 



Phase at room temperature      

Melting and boiling point

State of matter



Other qualities




Chemical Properties

Reactivity: gain/lose electrons, valence, electron configuration, diatomic, etc.





Saftey precautions



As an element 

In compounds

Industry and Research





By whom

Derivation of name


Current Information


Where it's found

In what form

Cost as an element



You are also required to turn in your notes.  All work is to be in your own words.  Use a graphic organizer to complete your research if needed.  Highlighting the topics listed above and taking notes beneath each is one way to keep your notes organized.  You will have two days of research in the school library.  Your element cube is to be assembled at home.   



You are required to use at least 3 resources.  Follow the guidelines listed on the attached page to present your bibliography.  Use the rubric

to record your information.






The following links will provide you with 

resources for gathering information on your element: 



Internet Sites


 (For Teachers)

MD VSC & Other Standards 


Dewey Numbers

There are a number of books on single elements in the Hereford Middle School Library, they can be found in section:

 546 & REF 546


Keywords & Phrases

Here are some key words to help you in your research: [name of your element], element, periodic table, density, melting point, boiling point, phase, dangers, uses, created, discovered, cost 




Updated December 2009

All images on this page were provided by Microsoft except the title image "Mrs. Stemler's Element Project" which was created by myself

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