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Internet Sites on Elements

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Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry

Screenshot from http://www.chemicool.com/

Each element on the periodic table on the homepage is linked to a page with information on that element.  The information ranges from its name, weight, and density, to its oxidation, reactions, and conductivity.  There are pictures of how the element is used, and even some video showing the element's reaction.  At the bottom of each page are other references and how to cite the page for creating a bibliography.



WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements

Screenshot from http://www.webelements.com/index.html

Interactive periodic table of elements with links to information on each element.  Just above the Periodic Table is a list of links, these links help you navigate through the information for each element (see image below for further information on navigating the page).  If you go to the main page and click on an element before clicking on the navigation above the Periodic Table, the link will take you to a page with basic information on your element.  Each page contains a small speaker icon which (when clicked on) speaks the information on the page.  Images and video can be found on some of the element's pages, depicting the element and sometimes its reactions.
Navigating WebElements Periodic Table

Because this website provides so much information on elements it has separated them into a number of categories: 

Screenshot taken from http://www.webelements.com/index.html

If you go to WebElements Periodic Table you will see the links (depicted above).  When you click on one of these links it will change the links on the Periodic Table below them.

Try it now.  Go to the link above and click on your element without clicking on any other link on the website.  You see that it gives you basic information on your element.  Now go back to the main page on WebElements Periodic Table and click on the Uses link above the table.  After you have clicked on Uses click on your element in the table.  You will see that the page has changed and the uses of your element are described.  Go through and explore the other links to see what information you can find on your element that can help you with this project.




Periodic table - By Lenntech Water Treatment Solutions

Screenshot from http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/periodic-chart.htm

Elements on this website can be located by not only their location on the periodic table but by name, atomic number, symbol, or mass.  The page for each element contains the basic information (number, mass, density, melting & boiling point), the history of the element, its uses, and the element's effects on health and the environment.














Chemical Elements.com - An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

Screenshot from http://chemicalelements.com/

Like other interactive periodic tables, the links on each element take you to a page with basic information for that element but also provides a visual representation of the element's atomic structure.  A citation of the web page can be found at the bottom of each element's page and is written in MLA format.  




Updated December 2009

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