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Books on Elements

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The following books can be found in the Hereford Middle School Library or Mrs. Stemler's personal collection.



8 Copies Available 

in Mrs. Stemler's

personal Library


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4 Copies Available

in Mrs. Stemler's

Personal Library


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Dingle, Adrian. The Periodic Table: Elements With Style!. New York: Kingfisher, 2007. Print.

The periodic table is given a whole new look in this book.  The basics of 64 elements are

explained with artfully drawn pictures accompanying them.








Heiserman, David L.  Exploring chemical elements and their compounds.  New York: Tab Books, c1992.

Explains the first 107 elements, giving their historical background and summary of basic

information.  Though it is an old book the information is very accurate and well written.


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546 MIL

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Miller, Ron,  The elements: what you really want to know. Minneapolis, Minn.: Twenty-First Century Books, c2006.

Describes the major points and history of each element, as well as the history of the periodic

table.  It also gives a brief history of science and the development of chemistry.



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Newton, David E. Chemical elements: from carbon to krypton.  Detroit: UXL, c1999.

Gives in depth information on elements up to 118 though 113-118 are considered recently

discovered.  It may be old but contains well researched and well written information on the


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Stwertka, Albert.  A guide to the elements.  2nd ed.  New York: Oxford University Press, c2002.

Contains information about 114 elements, and a history of science and chemistry.  The

information about the elements includes pictures relating to the elements.


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